Hidden Christianity

Gospel of Thomas, Jesus makes clay sparrows, he brings them to life, they fly off chirping (23:30)

Does the New Testament misquote Jesus?

The full debate between Bart Ehrman and Craig Evans about whether the Bible is reliable as a source. Bart Ehrman is a bible scholar who became an atheist after studying it. He believes that there are too many contradictions and errors in the bible for it to be called the word of God. He is famous for his book Misquoting Jesus.

He also talks about how the bible was changed and about its history and who the authors of the gospels were.


  • Is the Bible inaccurate in some of the things that it says Jesus said? If so, how do we know that it's not inaccurate in lots of things? If it is inaccurate in lots of things, what makes us think we can trust it?
  • He never calls himself God in Mathew, Mark or Luke (16:30) earliest gospels
  • If you read the gospel of John, you don't learn who Jesus said he was, you learn who John said he was. (18:30)
  • In Mark, Jesus is silent until the end and he only My God My God why have you foresaken me? and he dies.(26:30) In Luke, he is not silent. he says Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing. Rather than crying out my God my God...he says into your hands I commend my spirit. (John 19, Mark 15)